Shot Blast

We have a 7m shot blast room on site which enables us to process a wide variety of large components to a standard of SA2.5. Shotblasting is the perfect preparatory operation for achieving the best surface adhesion for any paint or thermal spray system.

Iron Grit

s4.pngMetabrasive Chilled Iron Grit ("Metablast") is a high performance, fast cleaning haematite cast iron abrasive. It is an induction furnace melted chilled iron abrasive and its low residue elements, together with a tightly controlled chemical analysis ensures and extended service life.

Although used in wheel blasting machiene, Metablast is used promarily in Airblast applications. In both laboratory and productions conditions, Metablast's performance is exceptional with many users having discovered the following in-service benifites:

  • Controlled etch
  • Required surface finish
  • Rapid cleaning rate
  • Lower levels of dust contamination
  • Greater visibility for the operator
  • Extended abrasive life, often 35% higher that conventional chilled iron grit
  • Lowest overall blasting cost
  • Blasting old paint off

Metablast is made in accordance with ISO 11124-2 : 1993 (BS7079 : Part E2 : 1994).

Size ranges vary from G05, nominal size 0.005" (0.125 mm), to G80, nominal size 0.080" (2.0 mm).

Metablast is also available in round particle form. Although not suitable for blast cleaning, it is widely used for ballast, innoculation and as an aggregate in high density concrete.

Size ranges vary from S170, nominal size 0.017" (0.425 mm), to S1320, nominal size 0.132" (3.3 mm). We also produce a range of specially developed shot mixes to meet most ballast needs.

Full details of all our ballast mixes are available on request.

Download Iron Grit Data Sheet in pdf format