Stove Enamel

Stove enamel is a method based on wet paint. After the wet paint has been applied it is then cured in a oven at high temperature to form a more durable finish.

Stove Enamel

s3.pngThis process is based on liquid paints which are cured by oven baking. It is normally requires several coats. Powder coating has largely replaced this traditional coating technique, but we retain the process because there are applications where this is the most appropriate or cost effective method.

For example:

          • Components requiring complicated masking or two colours on the same component
          • Applications requiring a low film build
          • As an alternative to using special powders where load time is of the up most important
          • Large colour range and different types of texts/prices available
          • Tough and Corrosion Resistant
          • Heat Resistant