Zinc spray containment booth

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Zinc treated & coated gates

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Dome Atrium

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Special finish booth

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Balustrade surface treatment

Welcome To Elite Coaters - Heathrow

The versatility of Powder Coating make it a perfect solution  for a  host of  strong surface finishes in a large selection of RAL colours  for  Industry, Commercial and Private applications

Powder coating can be applied to any metal capable of conducting electricity and able to withstand 350°F of heat’

Surface treatments for Anti -Slip applications is the modern way to ensure your work and pedestrian areas are safe for access and egress anywhere there is a risk of slips and falls

We are regional treatment applicators for the ART TEC – Durable Non Slip Coating system AT-28E

The application is a thermal spray upon shot blasted surfaces that give a non-slip and non-rust finished surface.

Non alloy metals will rust if not Shot Blasted and protected with a coating or thermal metallised coatings applied in modern terms as Zinc Spray.  We protects all metal surfaces whether old or new on site or off site

Surfaces are important and tell a lot about your business and how you care for your customers.

  • Ensure you design the best applications into your projects for have a better finish with our systems
  • Huge selection of colours in stock - and custom colours to fit your any need.
  • Durable surface offers protection from the elements up to 5 times longer than paint!
  • Uniform coverage - minimal colour fading - with a variety of textures and styles.
  • Our sandblasting service removes old paint, rust, grease ensuring a clean surface.
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